It was cold outside, but that didn't stop me from getting my toes out in celebration, of date night with my hubbles for the first time in.... well toooooo long to remember haha. So I thought it was a nice touch to wear my Bling Bling kitten heels, just like I did on our first date 10 years ago.

I have often been referd to as the the mummy in heels, & have been known to jazz up the school run in my 6" on the way to the office, because shoes are magic. They transform my mindset, boost my confidence, empower my walk & are always a great conversation starter, but there is more to my love for shoes than that.

You see the reason I love shoes so much, is because over the years my body has changed, I have gained weight, lost weight, then gained it again. My body has been a baby oven (as my masterpieces call it & I love that name) to five babies in total, carried two rainbow babies full term for nine beautiful months twice over, & birthed two of life's best made little people the world has to offer.

Just like many mummies, my body has gone through change, yet with all the expanding & shrinking, wardrobe changes to accommodate my ever developing waste band, boob changes pre & post birth.... my feet have stayed the same size, fitting perfectly into beautiful shoes that have carried me through it all. Each with a story to tell that only I & them truly know the truth about, because at the time, they were the perfect pair for the walk of that adventure

So as I glammed up for the first time in ages, looking into a closet (or two) full of shoes that each have an amazing story to tell, thinking about what pair to wear. It was this beautiful & loyal pair that made the final cut.

I simply adore my shoes, the are so much more than footwear, they are my comfort blanket that have never failed to let me down, even my fluffy slippers that I usually can be found in on a Friday nights, because they as I'm sure most mummies will agree. Are always perfect for a night out at club sofa. 

Give yourself a pat on the back...

Yesterday I was asked "Bianca, how do you do it? How have you managed to build an empire from the group up, that's grown into more than just a business, it's a brand. Whilst motivating & showing such love & passion to your followers, be present on line more than enough to be noticed, raise a beautiful & happy family, a home, & always have a smile on your face! What's your formula Bianca?"

After a long pause, I replied "...babes, come to think of it. I don't know, I guess as Mums we just do....right?" We both laughed & move on, but the fact is she left me amazed, by the very thought of myself. I started to think, you know that deep introspective kind of thinking us mums, women & self employed thinking were so good at. Then I realised

This is no 'overnight thing', I have been working on my empire, brand... dream continuously & subconsciously since 2009. I spend on average 65% of my day in #MumpreneurLand managing my social media platforms, sourcing content, to inspire, motivate, empower, bring knowledge & support to my followers just like you reading this right now, for free.

I run not only a network that's main objective is to support Mumpreneurs, but I also host 2 sometimes 3 LIVE events a week to create a platform for Mumpreneurs to learn, grow & develop their business woman journey. Daily I Coach my clients who remind me daily, that being a Life & Business Coach is so rewarding & I'm honoured to be their chosen Coach. They say I inspire them, the truth is.... they are my inspiration.

Just like you, I think, think again, then rethink some more, about the next move in business, question my decision then question it again. Then get stressed with myself, shead a few tears, then go back to feeling on top of the world again. All in the space of hmmmm 5 minutes haha...

Just like you, I make millions of wrong moves, decisions & miss opportunities all because of fear.

Just like you I know as a Mumpreneur it's lonely at the top. I know that at times being self employed is like searching for water in the desert. I know that it's an overwhelming experience where you are pushed & challenged every minute of every day as you build your brand... & dream.

Just like you I have lost friends who thought I was to big for my boots when I bravely decided to follow my working dream.

Just like you I suffer from massive 'Mum guilt' because I have to regularly decide between responding to the children, or responding to a client, follower or my own needs all at the same time!

Just like you I have to ask myself questions, answer them, then contest them, in order to identify what really is the next best business move haha...
But you know what the saddest thing about it all is my lovely....

Just like you, I have never really stopped to think about all I do, & even give myself a little pat on the back for it. Why? WELL because it's just what we do right? & we always just make it happen.

Because the truth is. Having said all that, daily there are a million more of amazing, rewarding, moments of pride, happiness, can't keep the smile off your face joy, inner joy that warms your heart joy that brings a sense of fulfilment & confidence. That make the very same people who probably laughed at you because they didn't understand why you decided to follow your dream. Now ask you how you did it.

So for those of you reading this, & who follow me thinking "... blimey how does Bianca do it?" I want you to know this, I'm not amazing, together we are amazing. Because just like you my lovely, I'm walking the same path, experiencing the same punches this journey of Mumpreneur life has to throw. Yet just like you, I still haven't given up.

Why? Because this is what we do, & we are doing it brilliantly.

Supporting, empowering, motivating, mums & Mumpreneurs is my life's calling, & I'm honoured to respond to the call. Remember my lovely, you are Amazing, & your doing a great job. So go ahead & give yourself a little pat on the back. You deserve it.

From my ❤ to yours ❤

Oh how the other half live...

Ok, so lets just take a moment to appreciate the childhood milestone that is 'Birthday Parties'.

It's the one day in a child's life, that they literally wait a whole 364 days of the year for (other than Christmas, I still cant believe as parents we let Santa take all the credit for going broke for months, just so we can buy our little darlings the latest fad, that lets be honest. They forget about come Boxing Day!) so they can invite all their friends they both like & dislike, get gifts from all, have an extravagant party, where they are centre of the attention, because it's their party where they can cry if they want to!

Ok, so now lets take a moment to think about the effort that mums put into planning the parties, that is with all the best intentions in the world, done on a budget without looking so. Well, I think this is rather interesting, & somewhat a fascinating psychologically. Because for all the Real Mums like me, once you tot up the cost of, a magician, party bags, a DJ,  games, food, drinks, party game prizes, a novelty cake, & some sort of back drop, flashing lights, or props to make up a feature of the 'main table'. Oh & not forgetting, a fancy dress outfit for the Birthday Boy or Girl, because you decided, you would jazz things up a bit. By making it a fancy dress party, for that extra bit of added flair! Before you know it, you have spent a months mortgage payment, on what was supposed to be a party on a budget, & that is with you saving on hall hire, because you have made the cost saving decision, to do it all in the corner of your local McDonalds!

Ok, so! Being the professional social butterfly Mumpreneur that I am. I was invited to a fabulous event, at a very prestigious Toy Store, that was launching the most amazing children's birthday party package that was so much more than just a Birthday Party. This was a magical experience, that included fantasy beds decorated in imaginative visual murals, that had the power to captivate & transport, even the most unimaginative person, to a world of total enchantment. Simply because the hand painted creative art, designed to the clients request. Decorated & adorned the beds, in a way that breathtakingly captivated you. In addition to the magical sleepover experience, the birthday party package included an overnight stay in the highly acclaimed toy store. That would be open for the children's exclusive V.I.P use, with games, play & entertainment galore. Oh & party food, they had that covered too, there was sign of a frozen food & jelly sweets party buffet table with this Birthday Party Package. Instead it offered a trip to an exclusive restaurant, where the children would be treated to a culinary dining experience, at a top restaurant in the capital. 

Clearly, this was no party on a budget (well not a limited one anyway!) because this Birthday Party Package was not for the average Jo Bloggs, Real Mum. This Birthday Party Package was for the wealthy, the famous, the successful, & the kind of children who attending a birthday party like this, was nothing out of the ordinary.

I know, (deep sigh...) I know, oh how the other half live right? But it got me thinking. When us mothers, despite how deep (or shallow) our pockets. Put on these birthday parties for our children, who are we really doing it for? The kids? Ok so I guess that is the right answer. But if we are to really think about the question I'm posing, what is your honest answer?... Got you thinking now haven't I.

You see, as mothers, often we get so caught up in the race of keeping up, impressing, striving to be super mum to our children & onlooking peers. Working our hardest, no matter how draining it is on ourselves, to ensure the children have the latest gear, & be seen by the playground mums, as the mum who has it all. Tirelessly & unselfishly, we sacrifice our finances, own happiness, dreams & aspirations, putting on a show, a display & act, that no matter what kind of birthday party package you can afford, Hides that fact that, on this journey of motherhood, the struggle is real. 

That is what connected the average Jo Bloggs mum to, the extravagant Birthday Party Package mum who financially can, at this event.

It is not often that I get to take my children to events with me, where they can step into my Mumpreneur world, & see what I do. So I was thrilled that I could expose them to this exclusive opportunity, to come to work with mummy where, I am proud to say, they just slotted right in. 

They played, they got papped, & then they played some more. They even enjoyed a tour of the entire toy store, & got a bag of goodies that they adore. But the beds wasn't the only piece of magic in the room. As I witnessed something magical happening between the children. 

They made friendships with new friends that required no finances at all. No hierarchy, or social ladder climbing, no alteria motives, no defining of the classes or financial boasting, no networking & business card swapping, no designer label showcasing or American Express Platinum Card flashing. None of that, they just simply enjoyed a time of play, & with that came laughter, & discovery of who & what they all are, & that was children who at heart we all the same. 

It may be because I'm a Life & Business Coach, that makes the fact that I can't help but look introspectively at situations, analyse behaviours, & physiologically dissect & explore people, to what most would just be a normal situation, or in this case event. 

But I can't help it, its my guilty pleasure to invite mothers in particular, to think, think again, then think some more, at our journey of this great adventure of motherhood. Until we have become so clear & confident with the decisions we make for our children, that we just know its right. This is no easy accomplishment to achieve I know, because the success does not lie in one formula that fits all. Instead, we have to strip it all back & find our own happy, because that is usually where clarity can be found. 

I came a way from this exclusive  event, with the brightest EURIKA moment, because as I worked my way around the room, chit chatting to the many mummies that attended, amongst the many celebrities who some were attached to, or like me there by association. I realised, that we all had one main common denominator, and that is of course that fact that we were mums. Be it mums with a lifestyle full of wealth, glitz & glamour, or a mum who is authentically happy with her money management superhero ability. At heart we are all the same, mothers who just want the best for our children, & know the journey of motherhood, is both a challenge & adventure where the struggle is real, & know that at heart, mum to mum we are all the same.  

Yet, whilst we are so busy making & doing for our children. They actually have so much to teach us, not only about life & where happiness can really be found, but also the simplicity of it all. 

My realisation was quite profound. Because when we strip back all the motherhood pretence & show, the fact is. Children are not bothered with the cost, the extravagance, or the location of their birthday party unless... we teach them to be. 

So lets take the pressure off ourselves & simply give them what they really need, rather than what we believe they want, & that is just the chance to get together with friends, be social, laugh a lot, & just play. 

Oh & for the record, as I have both my masterpieces birthdays coming up. I have decided to settle for a good old fashioned all expenses paid, play date in the conservatory haha...  

Behind the scenes with Bianca Chappell

What does being a mum mean to you?

I believe being a mum, means you are a secret superhero of the world!

What are the challenges of being a mum & running a business/ working today?

The biggest challenge for me is ensuring there is a level balance of my time, for both motherhood and my role in Mumpreneur Land. As a mummy, a small business owner & founder of a high engagement on-line community, I daily battle with being present in both roles 100% of the time.Some may say its impossible to do this, but I have learnt over the years that, it is possible, just not always all at the same time. Above anything in life, my primary focus is my children, & I am building my little empire, ultimately for them. But in order to do that, I need to spilt myself what feels like 100 ways... And that can at times be a huge challenge to overcome.

You've managed to build a successful business around your little ones, was this a hard thing to do, & why did you choose to start?

I became a business owner & founder of my network by total accident!... Before I was given the blessing that is becoming a mummy. I was quite satisfied with being an employee.The moment I became pregnant with my first child, as if by magic, I inherited this new found personal driver, to want to contribute to the world more. Suddenly the responsibility of being responsible for this little person, baking away in my baby oven (as my daughter calls it). Filled me with this overwhelming need to do more in the world, & make an impact. Suddenly I found myself totally besotted with all things, pregnancy, birth & beyond.  

It was at that time during the middle of my pregnancy, that I started connecting with other mums on-line, & had organically founded an organisation dedicated to supporting the 'Real' journey of motherhood. During my second pregnancy, I was forced to stop & take stock of... life. It was a very turbulent pregnancy yet still a beautiful one.

I realised a lot about myself & my ability to simply carry on, because that is what us mums do. But above anything, I reconnected with all my transferable skills, passions, aspirations, goals & dreams I had for myself. And decided to just go for it! I remember saying to myself, "Right! Bianca. If you can go through pregnancy, birth & beyond successfully, which you have done once already. Then you can go for your dreams too!" I literally spoke to myself (haha)... One of my mantras in life is, if you believe you can. Then you can! And so I did, I bit the bullet just went for it. I built my business from the ground up, alongside developing a networking development agency, supporting Mums and Mumpreneurs.

I am now the proud owner of a Coaching practice, dedicated to supporting Mums & Mumpreneurs, & founder of a networking development agency for Mumpreneurs. I literally feel like I have the best job in the world.

What do you think is the most challenging part of mummyhood?

Finding time for me. Protected 'Me Time' where I can simply be Bianca. Although very rare, for me it is precious. It allows me to recharge, it allows me to guilt free bask in the things I enjoy & at times need. This may be something as simple as taking a bath without interruptions!, or a lunch with friends.

Often as mums we fall pray to putting that time for ourselves on hold, as its more justifiable to invest that time in, or on our children, however. Over the years I have learnt, watering our emotional gardens as mums, is just as important as doing so for our children. So sometimes its a a necessity rather than a wish, to be selfish (for once) & take much needed 'me time'. So although at times, this is a challenge, It is one that I am always ready to fight for.

Best thing about being a mum?   

The best thing about being a mum, is that I am mummy to Queenie & Remy. They are such an amazing set of little people. Two funny & loving children who are my lifes masterpieces, my greatest assets in this world. Who despite the highs & lows of this journey called motherhood. Fill me with so much joy, so the best thing about being a mum. Is that I'm mummy, to them.

We photographed your morning dance with your children, is this something you do everyday?

Yes we do our morning dance most days, it just sets us all up straight for the day ahead. It started again by totally accident one day. When my daughter was about to have the mother of all tantrums when she was two years old, & a song came on the radio & she stopped, mid tantrum & started dancing. With tantrum aborted...(laughs) I found music was something that she loved to just vent her baby frustrations & het up energy to.Ta-Dah! The morning dance was born, and we have been doing it ever since.

Do you ever feel like you have split identities?

Oh yes, defiantly! when I'm in Mumpreneur Mode & working on my business or in the agency. I'm back to being adult Bianca, professional, confident, ready to lead the team & get the job done! Even my wardrobe changes! To be totally honest, I love that mode. It gives me a chance to still be 'Me' whilst still being mummy. It goes back to what I was saying about having it all, just not all at once.

The minute its time for the school run, & I leave the office, the transformation into Mummy Mode commences (haha).... The flip flops or Uggs go on, & I'm back to being fun mum! The children know mummy is building a business, and our daughter tells everyone "Mummy is working on a business for me, to have when I'm older". And I love that, I love that she is aware of what I do & wants to be apart of that. But am always concious that, building a business can interfere with ones life 24/7, it becomes like another child requiring & demanding ones time. So I try (don't always succeed haha) to keep Bianca the Business Woman, separate from Bianca the Mummy in the eyes of my children.

Do you feel like you have a healthy balance between work, life, home?

It could be healthier (laughing), but for now it works well. The day I have built the business and agency to a point where I can step away from it, for weeks on end, to travel the world and it all still stays afloat, thanks to staff who I trust to continue making the dream work. I will know the balance is at its healthiest point. I'm not there yet Lol.. So until then, everyday is a battle to be present 100% in both my worlds as Mummy and Mumpreneur, as well as being a wife & maintaining a happy home for all. That is why I believe as Mums we are Superheroes! because we literally have inherent powers, to wear many many hats, juggle many many balls and keep them all up in the air.

Do you ever feel a pressure to be the perfect mum?  

No never! I don't believe there is such a thing, so I don't even try to be something I don't believe exists. My ideology of motherhood is that we are all our own perfect, and for me and my journey of motherhood to date, that belief system has worked. We are all perfect in our own role as mummy, and I have built my business around spreading this message as much as I can, in my coaching sessions with my clients. We have to as Mums, just be confident in our own ability to, raise, protect and nurture our children. This role of motherhood is not one size fits all, we have to make it our our own, and enjoy the journey. This belief has made me a very easy going mummy, who accepts that its a journey of trail and error, that may even be different for each child, and that's ok.

I read once a quote that said 'Behind every great child is a mum, who is pretty sure she is screwing up'. I love it, because I think that pretty much sums up the 'Real' journey of motherhood.

Best part of your week?

It's always that ten minutes or so before bedtime, where the children have their hot chocolate and have a snuggle on the couch with me, without fail. Its part of their routine that is never compromised, even if we are out and the bedtime routine goes off track. We always, have even if its two minutes of snuggle time together. They love it, and so do I. Infact, when its a stressful day in Mumpreneur Land, or I'm feeling overwhelmed by life. That moment with the children is what I cling onto. Its our time to just exhale form the day, wrapped up in each other surrounded by love and total calm. That's just my idea of heaven.

Any other perils of wisdom you might like to add?

Simply if you believe you can in life, then you can! That is a mantra I live by in both my role as Mummy and Mumpreneur. This journey call motherhood, is a road of emotion, happiness, tribulation, joy, fulfilment, pain, risk and laughter. Yet we do it unselfishly, without public appreciation, and with no financial rewards. Why? Because us mums are priceless, we are amazing, and have been grated the biggest blessing of all. The honour of pregnancy, birth and beyond. So enjoy your journey, be confident in your ability, trust your instincts, and know that you are the biggest and best superhero there is, and ever will be.

Photo credit: Catherine O'Donnell Photography

Trial & error

With all that's going on in the world, and all the sad news that we hear. It often takes something as simple as meeting up with a bunch of friends, to make you realise the importance of appreciating the simple things in life.

Motherhood is a joy, and is highlighted even more, when you have a good bunch of 'Mummy Mates' by your side. When your enduring a 'Mum Fail' day that you simply can't not pull yourself out of. A call from, or even too a good friend is just enough to help you pick yourself up again, shake yourself off and reach for your 'Mum-prehero' cape.

Today the girls and I, arranged a spontaneous 'Luncheon', & It was fab! No agenda, no boundaries, no topic, just good old chit chat. The kind that was open, honest, emotional, & at times out right hilarious. 

As we sat and, chomped, and drank and giggled together, it got me thinking... The best things in life really do happen when your a mummy. 
Now being Miss Career Girl, I never thought I would ever say that!, but I'm not talking about material pleasures, I'm talking about emotional, pleasure. 

The kind that allows you to let others in, the kind that allows you to be free, the kind that knocks embarrassment on the head, when your child is acting up. The kind that allows you to openly relate and respond to another mums breakdown, and help her through it, with the testimony from your trial. The kind that allows you to look at your children and be proud of the fact that they are yours!. The kind that makes you grateful for being able to take time out, and spend quality time watering your own emotional garden, through time well spent with friends.

Sometimes the spoken word can have a multitude of meanings, and deliver a series of emotions, and sometimes the spoken word can be played with, to create something quite wonderful. After such a enriching day, I was left with this little reminder of what friendship really means when your a mum. I'm sharing it with you, with the hope that you can be blessed by it in the same way I was. 

Find a                                                       
Real friend          
Every situation &
Dismiss their

Remember, when you are a mum, no matter how well seasoned you are on your journey of motherhood, or how many years experience you have, or how many little blessings you are responsible for. Every day is a trial and error, but when you ave a good friend by your side, you will always have a testimony from your trial. To not only share, but also to support and most of all make you realise just how fabulous you really are.

Proud Mummy B xx

I'd like to tell you....

Motherhood is one of the greatest journeys a woman will ever experience. The road is rocky, and the paths are unclear, and sometimes we can't navigate our way, because every day is like it's a process of trial and error.

Sometime its just gets to much.
Sometimes we think the answers are in a non existent manual of motherhood.
Sometimes were told medication will help, but we never get told we have all the answers to the questions in the palms of our hands.

The answers that as woman, we are naturally equipped with, and simply by default have hidden inside us, ready to fight emotional battles, lift spirits, nurture moods, be that bouncing board without being punctured, be the fixer whilst often being broken ourselves! Cook, Tutor, Cleaner, Lover, Sister, Daughter, Partner, Wife, Worker and most if all Mum.

Just by addIing 2 spoons of peace, a dash of beauty, and a large handful of sanity will creates the ability to cope, clense & continue.

Mix that with a tablet called love, a pill called relief and a full bottle of hope, and soon you find your journey of motherhood becoming one, that is something full of realness, reality, and reason.

Its all in the paslm of your hand, is all ingrained in your womanhood, mix it all together and it will make perfect sence, it will make the mum fail days easy to recover from.

Why? because its all perfectly normal.
How? because your a woman.
When? starting today.

Motherhood is the hardest, but yet best job in the world, and if nobody has told you yet, I would like to tell you... Your doing a great job at it!

Proud Mummy B xx

Any woman can be a mum, but it takes a real & honest one to be a...

Motherhood is a journey that can never be mapped out or truly planned. You never quite know what our little mini mes are going to do next or where our emotions are going to take us.
It’s vital that mothers are honest about the difficulties encountered on the 
journey of motherhood

Life is a funny old thing but it’s something to celebrate. So I decided to capture my thoughts ‘n’ feelings of this wonderful journey called motherhood, revealing the good, great, bad, ugly and, to be totally honest, the outright terrifying!
This is what I crown as the official journal of ‘The Real Mums Pulpit’. Where the truth of  my amazing journey will never fail to give you a good old chuckle, and perhaps even make you shed a tear. But most importantly, it’ll let you know that all you encounter on your real journey of motherhood is all totally normal!
Nothing prepares you for 
the changes motherhood brings

In the early stages of my pregnancy, I found that all the glossy mags made motherhood look really easy and lovely, but I rapidly realised that, yes, it was indeed the lovely and most wonderful time of my life. But it was also one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever encountered!
Nobody prepared me for the real life emotional roller coasters and five minute mini-breakdowns that regularly happened on a daily basis, or just the practical on-the-ground stuff I needed to know about my body, breastfeeding, being a new mum and post-baby sex! So it left me thinking one day, “am I normal?” and “is it normal to feel like this?”
I was talking on-line to a fellow mummy mate, and there we were sharing tips about all things mummy, and I suddenly realised how vital and important it is to be honest and real about your emotions, struggles and weaknesses when you’re a mum. It helps you to appreciate and enjoy the things you do well.

It’s time to be honest 
with others , and ourselves!

After two pregnancies, a double miscarriage and the adventures of embarking on my own ‘real’ journey of motherhood, I'm a proud mummy with two beautiful children that are my lifes masterpieces, who have taught me a simple formula to being a mummy.

Happy Mummy = Happy Child.
Years later it still works and works well. Why? Because I learnt how to talk openly and honestly.
There really should be a glossy mag dedicated to the real stories of real mums, the kind that are honest and open and make you realise that you are normal!
Motherhood is indeed something to be celebrated and enjoyed but it has taken me the best part of four years to realise that the only way this will ever happen is if we are open and honest with ourselves and others when asked.
The kind of honesty that makes you know its ok, to say the truth when people say, “How are you?” without saying, “Yeah everything is great”, when really you’re thinking baby is great but I am sinking in a pool of very deep water.

Any woman can be a mummy but it takes 
a real and honest one to be a mother

No matter how much money you have in the bank, how great your support network is, or how perfect your little bundle of joy, nothing prepares you for the change that motherhood brings emotionally, mentally and physically.
Becoming a mummy from the glossy magazines is not important. Becoming a mummy based on the perfection that you see in others is not important. But becoming a mummy that accepts that this is a time of change, and a journey that is less than smooth, but ever so wonderful. Will allow you to both accept and enjoy this beautiful time, this beautiful gift, this beautiful you.
The beautiful you who has been woman enough to answer questions honestly without feeling ashamed, and brave enough to wave the white flag and accept help without feeling embarrassed, and walk the path of motherhood and enjoy it.
They say nothing worth having comes easy, and I agree. But in my experience I have learnt that behind every happy child, is a real mum who is open and honest.
Any woman can be a mummy but it takes a real and honest one to be a mother. So go ahead and celebrate the low days, because for every one of them one hundred great ones will follow, and one day everything will just fit into place, and life will suddenly make perfect sense. Celebrate this journey and celebrate you because you’re doing a great job!
Proud Mummy B xx

Life is what happens when.....

As a mother, it is easy to think we have to be superwoman, some sort of superhuman that must plan, save, rescue, coordinate control and make good every and any situation that comes our way until. You get that wake up call, that lets you know you are simply ‘Only human’

I'm sure like me there are millions of woman who run their lives according to the diary, or if you are really like me…an App! 

The kind of woman who plans what is going to happen, when and how, until you get a reality check that shocks you into a state of realisation that literally makes you stop… Why ?

Well because...

Proud Mummy Bxx

I Love you so much.

“When I started this Blog, you were just a small foetus inside my tummy, and there you stayed for 9 beautiful months. 

It was at that point I started this Blog, because I wanted to celebrate what being a real mum to you meant. 

Two and a half years later I look at you and am totally mesmerised by who you are growing to be. Your personality, your smile, your funny character, your little 'izums' and catchphrases, 
but most of all the fact that you are mine.

I love you so much Queenie Gene ”.

Mummy x