It was cold outside, but that didn't stop me from getting my toes out in celebration, of date night with my hubbles for the first time in.... well toooooo long to remember haha. So I thought it was a nice touch to wear my Bling Bling kitten heels, just like I did on our first date 10 years ago.

I have often been referd to as the the mummy in heels, & have been known to jazz up the school run in my 6" on the way to the office, because shoes are magic. They transform my mindset, boost my confidence, empower my walk & are always a great conversation starter, but there is more to my love for shoes than that.

You see the reason I love shoes so much, is because over the years my body has changed, I have gained weight, lost weight, then gained it again. My body has been a baby oven (as my masterpieces call it & I love that name) to five babies in total, carried two rainbow babies full term for nine beautiful months twice over, & birthed two of life's best made little people the world has to offer.

Just like many mummies, my body has gone through change, yet with all the expanding & shrinking, wardrobe changes to accommodate my ever developing waste band, boob changes pre & post birth.... my feet have stayed the same size, fitting perfectly into beautiful shoes that have carried me through it all. Each with a story to tell that only I & them truly know the truth about, because at the time, they were the perfect pair for the walk of that adventure

So as I glammed up for the first time in ages, looking into a closet (or two) full of shoes that each have an amazing story to tell, thinking about what pair to wear. It was this beautiful & loyal pair that made the final cut.

I simply adore my shoes, the are so much more than footwear, they are my comfort blanket that have never failed to let me down, even my fluffy slippers that I usually can be found in on a Friday nights, because they as I'm sure most mummies will agree. Are always perfect for a night out at club sofa.